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What Makes Food Fattening? A Pavlovian Theory of Weight Control
By Seth Roberts
from the abstract:
The theory described in this article assumes that the body-fat set point – how much body fat the brain tries to maintain – is controlled by flavor-calorie associations. Calorie-associated flavors raise the set point – the stronger the association, the greater the increase. In the absence of calorie-associated flavors, the set point declines. Given some plausible assumptions, the mechanism regulates body fat according to the availability of food, increasing body fat when food is abundant, decreasing body fat when food is scarce. The theory explains a wide range of human and animal data, including effects and correlations involving pre-exposure, pureeing, moistening food, bland food, glycemic index, supermarket food, junk food, fasting, intragastric feeding, and income. It also helped find a new way to lose weight.
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